Name + Message

Coming up with a name for a company isn’t always easy. I’ll help by discovering your company “secret sauce”. 

This company naming workshop get your product or company started right. So you can stand out, attract a cult following of loyal customers, and achieve your goals.

Everyone has a story, we will find yours.  



In-Person Workshop

On Zoom, 90 minutes

Collaborative workshop, where we team up to work on creative exercises customized depending on what your needs are – naming, messaging, target market, tagline, competitors. 

Your "Big idea"

Finding your “why” 

Deciding on your ideal clients & who your people are. You have to understand  what they care about, so you can reach them on a human level, and offer yourself as a solution to their problem. 


Toolkit may include:  

  • Elevator pitch toolkit
  • Storytelling framework
  • Customer persona guidebook
  • Word association exercise 

Depending on your needs. 

Name + tagline ideas

Professional  creative work  

Based on the workshop, I will spend time coming up with names for the company. 

  • 3-5 checked and ready quality ideas for naming your company
  • Tagline ideas
  • Presentation explaining the pros and cons of each option 


Expert review

Professional checkups   

Competitor research, domain name clearance, quick trademark search (lawyer services recommended in addition to ensure legality)



Final kit of everything  

  • Final name 
  • Messaging
  • Finished audience persona
  • Tagline 


Sell what people want

Launch the right product for the right audience – gain the confidence launching a product or company your clients will want to buy from. 

Stand out in the market

Clarity on what you should sell –finding your unique value proposition, marketplace placement 


Confidence gut check

Feel good in starting the company on the right footing, the right message, and a clear roadmap on where to take the company in the future.