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Knowledgeable speaker on cannabis sustainability, packaging and branding. Some say she’s bubbly and charming as well.   

Topics I can cover: 

Design and packaging, cannabis industry,  marketing, branding, and sustainability


  • California cannabis
  • Local advocacy (city level) 
  • Country advocacy 
  • White labeling 


    • Innovations in packaging materials
    • Cannabis packaging sustainability
    • Waste management and recycling
    • Sustainability regulations globally 


      • Consumer packaged goods trends
      • Luxury and high end goods
      • Mass market trends
      • Ecommerce packaging


        • Naming 
        • Brand differentiation
        • Finding the “why” for your brand
        • Cohesive brand look and feel 
        • Thoughtful branding on a budget


          • Gen Z and Millennial market 
          • Boomer market 
          • Conscious consumerism
          • Cannabis newbies 


            • Clean beauty movement 
            • Cannabis and the skin  
            • Indie beauty business 

              Previous talks:


              Minorities for Medical Marijuana Workshop (2022)

              Workshop: Messaging and storytelling with your pitchdeck

              Hour-long workshop going through the basics of messaging and effective storytelling, and how to apply that to a pitch deck format. Covering design for slides, crafting a pithy elevator pitch, and slide deck format for a clear beginning, middle, and end, with tips and tricks.


              Future of Cannabis Marketing (2022)

              Keynote: The future consumer – Gen Z’s and Ethical Consumerism

              20-minute deep dive on a single topic, Ted-style. Hosted by the Cannabis Marketing Association, January 2022


              Future of Cannabis Marketing (2021)

              Keynote: Sustainable Cannabis Packaging

              20-minute deep dive on a single topic, Ted-style. Hosted by the Cannabis Marketing Association, January 2021



              Cannabis Packaging Conference West (2021)

              Panel: Cannabis Packaging Design Trends

              In person panel discussion at the CannPack conference, part of the packaging conference WesPack, Anaheim August 2021



              Cannabis Sustainability Symposium (2021) 

              Panel: Waste – Is it just about the planet? Or your bottom line?

              A deep dive for industry experts around sustainability issues around managing cannabis waste, from plant matter to packaging and all through the supply chain. Hosted by the Cannabis Certification Council,  May 2021


              Cannabis Sustainability Symposium (2020) 

              Panel: Building Responsible Brands and Culture

              Spirited panel discussion around how to build socially responsible brands, and how to measure success beyond basic virtue signaling. Hosted by the Cannabis Certification Council,  May 2020


              Cannabis Marketing Live! (2020) 

              Live: Ask-Me-Anything live question hour 

              All Puff, no Fluff AMA Live, hosted by Mota Marketing, answering questions on a live hour of packaging and design questions for a cannabis company audience


              Cannabis Sustainability Symposium (2019) 

              Panel: Positioning your marketing to demonstrate sustainability

              Cannabis Certification Council,  October 2019, Denver CO


              Cannabis Marketing Association (2019) 

              Webinar: Sustainable packaging options for any size cannabis business

              Educational 101 webinar session explaining the basics of evaluating sustainability for cannabis packaging and how to get started. Hosted by the Cannabis Marketing Association,  October 2019, virtual



              Panel: Cannabis Marketing Trends

              Panel discussion around trends in product marketing for cannabis and hemp products, rules and regulations, challenges and opportunities. Hosted by the tradeshow with the VapeExpo,  October 2019, Las Vegas, NV



              Panel: Hemp Sustainability 

     and VapeExpo,  May 2021, Las Vegas NV


              Women in Tech: Cannabis Business & Technology

              Panel: Professional Women in Cannabis

              A mini conference within the 24th Annual Women in Technology Summit (WITI), June 2018, San Jose, California, covering topics of being a professional woman in a male dominated industry such as cannabis, and how to lift each other up. 


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