Strategic brand + lOGO DESIGN

Custom Branding Project

Your brand is the cornerstone of your entire company. It’s so much more than a logo, and it’s the single most important investment you cannot afford to overlook if you want your company to succeed. It’s about your story, and the feelings it evokes – about how your company solves a deeper problem for people. The visuals communicate that story, through color palettes, photos, illustrations – and the logo.

Creative workshop

Discovering your company “secret sauce” to get your product to stand out, and attract a cult following of loyal customers. This workshop goes through exercises together, where we discover what makes your company special. 

Branding and vibe

Custom Logo Design and Branding Guidelines for the entire brand – the look and feel and soul for the company, colorpalettes, typography, photography styling, etc. 


Tagline and messaging

Crafting the “big idea” for the company – what problem does it solve in the world and how to say it in a single, snappy sentence. 
Strategic branding is much more than the logo design. 

Working with Lilli was exactly what I needed as a small start-up, and in hindsight, I wish I had started with her sooner instead of spinning my wheels for months before that.

Mei-Ling, Higher Dama Consulting 



Creative Workshop

Branding workshop with a questionnaire to help you find the unique attributes of your business: your mission, capabilities, ideal client personas,  target audience / marketplace positioning, and product differentiators. What will make you stand out in the marketplace, what sets you apart from the rest, who is it for, and why does it exist. This all guides the process, and tells us where you want to take your brand in the future. 

Visual Research + Inspiration

Visual research of your competitors / other companies in the field. researching current design trends in the luxury products markets, fashion, artisanal food and beverage fields – finding inspiration for that will guide the discovery of your design. I’ll show inspiration images and moodboards, photos and colors to get your feedback on, which gives direction for our design, and also helps me understand what you like and dislike, and further clarifies the “why” of your brand. 

This research phase sets the direction for the design work to come.

Custom Logo Design

This is the flagship piece of your visual identity. After completing research and establishing a visual direction with you, I’ll sketch and refine ideas until I have a few logo concepts to show you. 

Your favorite solution will be selected and refined, new drafts presented, commented upon and the design gets finalized. 

File Package and Brand Guide

The overall look and feel of the bigger brand universe gets built in tandem with the logo design. This includes the philosophy of the brand and what it means, the color palette, illustration and photo style guidelines, design examples such as a business card and social media post, icons and the like. Typography styles, typefaces, how to use and combine the color palettes, and how to use the logo are all outlined. 

Your brand guidelines also has a cheat sheet that explains the file formats you’ll receive: vector vs. raster files, differences between file types (EPS, JPG, PNG, PDF), and the meaning of different color systems (CMYK, RGB, and Pantone). The guide will help you pick the right logo file whenever you need to use one.

PROJECT STEPS: Strategic planning phase 


1. INTRO CALL (Zoom) 

We start here, we get to know each other, I learn about what you’re hoping to achieve with your company. Typically 45 minutes. 



We get our project defined, budgeted, and you sign a contract and pay a deposit so we can begin our work together. 


3. WORKSHOP MEETING (Zoom or in person)

This is an intensive meeting where we dive deeeeep into your company brain. We talk a lot, and think about the purpose and meaning of what’s special about you, your story, and the company you’re building. Everyone has a story, we’ll find yours. This lays the foundation for the branding work to come. Typical workshop goes over many things, among them: 

SECRET SAUCE / Finding the unique attributes of your business: your mission, differentiators and competitive advantages, capabilities – the “what’s so special about you” 

IDEAL CLIENTS / who your people are, what they care about, where you want to take your brand in the future. Customer persona guidebook to help work out who your person is and why should they care about your product. 

ELEVATOR PITCH TOOLKIT / work through questions and exercises to find out your core mission statement

+ other exercises depending on the project. 


4. HOMEWORK (yay!)

A few worksheets and exercises you get to work on on your own to show me, not just tell me, what’s inside your brain. Exercises include choosing descriptive mood words, gathering images that speak to you, and other guided inspiration gathering. This helps me understand what you mean when you say “elegant”, for example – for some it means sleek like an Apple Store, and to some it means ornate like a Victorian mansion, yet both can be described as “elegant”. Showing me pictures of things you like helps me understand what you actually mean. This is also helpful for teams to get on the same page on what the direction is for the company, beyond personal preferences.




PROJECT STEPS: Design phase 



This is where I present a moodboard for the project. This takes into consideration all the work done so far, and shows through visual examples, the overall direction the brand would go into. This makes sure we’re all in agreement on the vibe we’re going with. The moodboard will show other packaged goods, photos, illustrations representing a style and direction. Once approved, we proceed to the design. 



This is where the true work begins! I will sketch ideas for your logo, and come up with typically 3 strong ideas for what the logo could be about. These will be rough pencil sketches of ideas. Once presented, one or a combination of two directions is picked for further refinement. 



At this phase we move from pencil sketches onto digital draft designs. At this phase we refine the icon of the logo, and start experimenting with typefaces and layout options. Usually showing 1-2 options, and one is picked for final direction. 



Now it’s time to finesse the final logo. Experiment with tweaks to the typography, and continue refining the icon. Test out different layouts for the logo, horizontal, square, one-color, with and without a tagline etc. In this step we introduce color to the previously black-and-white drafts. 



 Once the logo is done, we expand the brand into color palettes, typography, illustration style, photography style – your brand is everything the company is, so having guidelines and vision for all of it is important. 



Guidelines for how to implement the brand into everything. Color values, fonts to use on the website, what the social posts could look like, rules on how to use the logo, this is all explained in the brand guide. You will also get a full set of logo files for any situation imaginable: for embroidering hats to social media profile images, you’ll have the right file for the right use (and the educational guidelines to know when to use what!)