Packaging Consultation

Just need help buying the packaging, without design?


This service is for those projects where you already have your design, or already have a designer who you work with? But you need help from a professional to research the physical packaging and help ordering for the project. 


Meeting to discuss your project and needs: 

  • Budget discussion
  • Required specifications and needs for packaging (i.e. child resistant, crush proof etc.)
  • Wishlist (sustainable, luxury, effects, etc.)
  • Materials
  • Printing and effects
  • Timeline


A report with packaging options, including:

  • Price quotes with price breaks 
  • Turnaround times offered by vendor 
  • Minimum order quantities
  • Listing wishlist specifications effect on pricing


I do not personally re-sell any packaging, nor receive any kickbacks or finders fees. This consultation is how I get paid for the work it takes to find vendors for your needs. 

In my white-glove full service packaging design projects, this sourcing is part of the overall service offering. 

Packaging broker service for shopping for packaging

Packaging consulting services are like a personal shopper for packaging; a packaging industry professional helping you find and buy the right kind of packaging. Helping you with the quoting, pricing, and ordering – a one stop shop sourcing service for your project when you don’t need design.