Sustainable packaging and branding design for cannabis companies with a soul. 

Imagine your product packaging being instantly recognizable – as unique and high quality as the product itself. Making it easy to sell and something you can feel proud to show off. Most importantly, have it stand out on crowded dispensary shelves and attract loyal customers? 


My creative process helps my clients discover and celebrate what’s truly special about their companies. Branding needs to feel genuine and different from everyone elses. I don’t go for those one-size-fits-all, generic “slap a leaf on it and call it a day” designs. 


I believe in saving the world through better design. Being a bit of a sustainability nerd, I scour the world for sustainable packaging materials for my projects. I get excited about compostability and zero waste solutions – I’m a bit of a weirdo like that. I spent a decade designing for environmental and social justice nonprofits before joining the crazy world of cannabis in 2016. 


Cannabis sativa is such a beautiful plant. I found her later in life, in my 30s, and haven’t looked back since. Suffering from migraines, digestion issues, and anxiety among other things, cannabis has helped me so much. So my dream is to help cannabis companies heal even more people! 


My goal for you is to design a beautiful and effective brand that SELLS. We’ll have fun while doing it together.  So many of my clients have come to me unsure about how their product is anything special. But trust me – everyone has a special sparkle – you just need the right person to help unearth it. 




I’m a classically trained designer with a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Design.  Trained under an award-winning Art Director in the agency world before starting my own business in 2008. (Yes, I’m older than I seem, or so I’ve been told.)





Punny jokes 

Cute animal videos on Tiktok

Swimming in frozen lakes 

History, old books, podcasts about old books

Salty licorice candy