Hi. I’m Lilli.

Nice to meet you. I’m a designer, and I’m here to help. 

My people are: environmental and social justice nonprofits, sustainable green granola folks, lifestyle mavens, female entrepreneurs, cannabis connoisseurs, misfits, makers, creative thinkers, movement shakers.

What I do: branding and packaging, naming companies and products, marketing campaigns, websites and all kinds of other things. Really, I’m a whole agency in a petite 5-foot package.

Who do I think I am: I’m a classically trained designer, Bachelor of Arts, reader of books, font nerd, perfectionist. Also a business bosslady, been running my own company for over a decade now. And  before that, worked at ad agencies and startup companies both in the Bay Area and Europe.




Women Entrepreneurs in Cannabis

Alameda Chamber of Commerce

Freelancers Union

SFUp SF Chamber of Commerce

Drama-Free Design Collective




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