Custom Cannabis & Hemp Packaging

1. Thoughtful process

We work together to discover the right approach for your product packaging – evaluating different options for the right package option for the right product at the right price point. 

2. Custom design

Fully custom design from an award-winning creative cannabis and hemp packaging designer.  Beautifully compliant with all the proper warnings.  

3. White glove service

Walk you through the entire process from start to finish, with the end result of a truly wow package for your product that will stand out and be worth ooh-ing and aah-ing over.  

Custom Cannabis Packaging


Cannabis THC Packaging


  • Cannabis Flower
  • Prerolls
  • Vape cartridges
  • Topicals 
  • Edibles
  • Tinctures
  • Concentrates
  • Beverages
  • etc. 


Hemp CBD Packaging


  • Gummies / capsules
  • Oils and topicals
  • Tinctures
  • Bath bombs
  • Hemp prerolls
  • Pain balms
  • Beverages
  • Ecommerce boxes and packaging 
  • ETC. 
Custom Hemp Packaging


Custom Design, Custom Packaging

Creative Workshop

Branding workshop where we do a deep dive to help you find the unique attributes of your business: your mission, capabilities, ideal client personas,  target audience / marketplace positioning, and product differentiators. What will make you stand out in the marketplace, what sets you apart from the rest, who is it for, and why does it exist. This all guides the process, and tells us where you want to take your brand in the future. 

Visual Research + Inspiration

Visual research of your competitors / other companies in the field. researching current design trends in the luxury products markets, fashion, artisanal food and beverage fields – finding inspiration for that will guide the discovery of your design. I’ll show inspiration images and moodboards, photos and colors to get your feedback on, which gives direction for our design, and also helps me understand what you like and dislike, and further clarifies the “why” of your brand. 

This research phase sets the direction for the design work to come.


Sourcing means finding the physical packaging options, boxes, bags etc. and getting quotes from several vendors. Evaluating different price points to find the right solution for you. My vendor rolodex has hundreds of vendors for everything imaginable. Want custom-made clay jars embossed with your logo? I have a manufacturer for that. Want hemp plastic? Compostable baggies? A box in a shape of a snowflake? I’ve got the people for all of those. And plenty of in-stock “normal” options too. 


The design phase is of course the most important. It is based on the work we’ve done in the previous phases. The design step is where we start making it all real. Sketching, layout, writing the copy for the package, creating or choosing illustrations, and colors, and typefaces, and all the other fun, creative stuff that makes your product packaging truly yours. Original design with style that matches your company ethos on a deeper level to tell the story, not just paint a pretty picture. 


I will see your project through from start to finish, with clear milestones and processes to get the project delivered to the finish line. I’ll manage the printer, and coordinate everything.Final files will be ready to print, and I will coordinate your order with the printer / vendor.

You will be taken care of and happy at the end. 

Custom per project pricing

Every project is different, so each project is priced out separately. 

 (Cost of printing + materials priced separately)

Starting from


Payments are on a 4 installment plan

Let’s get started designing your future!