Food and beverage

Don’t settle for generic packaging that blends in with the competition. Let me help you showcase your products in a way that truly reflects your unique identity. Ready to take your CPG brand to the next level? Let’s chat about how we can bring your vision to life.

Protein powder sachet sample bag size custom packaging design compostable pouch packaging design
Custom design graphic design food packaging Pasta sauce label design
Custom branded Ice Cream packaging design
Tea bag label sustainable compostable pouch gusset bag packaging design
Alcoholic beverage label packaging design creative design graphic designer
Custom snack package bag design

Case Study:

Goodio Oat Chips

Custom bag design for a line of savory snack foods. Expanding the product line of an existing brand from sweet chocolate products onto the savory side. These healthy, fiber-rich oat snacks are deliciously crunchy. Design of a custom packaging line for chips and salty snacks in multiple flavors: sea salt, Korean BBQ, sour cream and onion  

Custom mylar bag design

Case Study:

Next Level Edibles

Custom edibles packaging bag design. Next Level makes sugar and spice and everything nice – to get your everyday a little more elevated. We custom designed child resistant compostable cannabis stand up pouches to match the branding and made sure the design was compliant for California cannabis edibles regulations. 

Case Study:

Baked at Home

Packaging for CBD Coconut Oil, CBD Olive Oil, CBD products like CBD toothpaste, tincture – Jenny’s Baked at Home is a product line of CBD-infused products to bake with, and get baked with. 

CBD honey custom label design

Case Study:

Wildflower CBD Honey

Label design for organic CBD infused honey brand – part of the fictional product brands created for a printing company for a showcase of labels. 

Humorous cartoon label design food product

Case Study:

Olives packaging

In a showcase project for a printer company,  I designed a line of labels showing off their printers capabilities. One of these “fake real projects” was a package for olives. Tonight, we brine in hell – very spicy olives indeed!  

Beer can design custom

Case Study:

Beer can label designs

In a showcase project for a printer company, I designed a line of labels showing off their printers capabilities. One of these “fake real projects” were three beer can designs, one lager, one porter, and a super hoppy dubbel IPA, all in distinct and different design styles.  

Custom design for Kona Coffee Bag

Case Study:

Kona Coffee packaging

Small farm coffee packaging doybag design. Branding update concept for a family-owned small coffee farm on the beautiful island of Kona, Hawaii. The goal was to establish the brand as a farm-to-bean farmstay – with organic vegetables and fruits,  chickens, and farm tours and tasting events too? A fun vacation day in a cup to enjoy at home. Good vibes only. 

Case Study:

Goodio Chocolates

Custom packaging design and sourcing for an exclusive gift box. Packaging for vegan, single-origin chocolate from Finland. Specialty packaging to expand on the existing product line for seasonal flavors and specialty gift boxes.