Case Study: Kinetik nanobites

Branding for a edible superfood nanobites 

CLIENT: KND Infusions, California



Functional + remain in control

You’re not checked out, you’re present, and in the drivers seat of your life. Life can be unpredictable – but your edibles dont have to be. Take control of your trajectory. Your life on your terms. 

Its a vitamin you can feel – instantly

Fast acting performance booster. With scientific precision fast onset, and offset – when you’ve got places to be and things to do, so get with the flow, and gain more out of each and every day. 

Modular + customized, your bespoke dose

Nobody is the same, so get your custom dose, tailor made for each moment, and each person. Take one for errands, two for that stressful meeting, and three for a night out. Find a moment of calm and take care of your body and mind. 



Kinetik nanobites cannabis edibles

Inspiration: kinetic sculptures, analog oscilloscope lines 


American sculptor Alexander Calder has amazing pieces of art that move in the lightest breeze. They’re geometric, delicate, and keep balanced with counterpoints 
Branding inspiration

Inspiration: neural brain waves  


Neural pathways are amazingly beautiful – forging new paths in your brain is possible, and part of the newest science with nootropics and mind altering substances. 
Branding inspiration

Sketches and ideas 

I usually start with tons of ideas – too many ideas – sketch them, or write them down in a very basic manner, just to get most of the ideas just out of my system and into some form. Nowadays my sketching usually happens on an iPad rather than on paper. After usually literally a hundred ideas, I’ll make slightly nicer sketches, and show a few of those concepts to the client. The point of sharing a quick sketch, is to share the IDEA, and see if that concept resonates with the goals set earlier in the project. If none of the concepts works, it’s easy enough to go back for more ideas. 


The ideas here: 1. brainwaves 2. modularity for bespoke dose 3. energy and movement slashes 


logo sketch pencil
logo sketch
logo sketch

Sketches and concepts

From the chosen idea, I’ll make the first digital version. There was a new concept that came up during this round, but most of the versions were around the brainwaves concept. The background swirly bits were deemed too impractical in reality and readability, so the swirls ended up becoming more of an icon. 

I personally still love the X’s and +’s concept below. 


logo sketch concept
logo sketch concept

Revised draft designs


round 2 logo concept
Kinetik logo concept round 3

Final design with connectome symbol


Kinetik nanobites logo final version
color palette branding masculine

Brand elements: color palette


color palette branding masculine

Brand elements: icon style


Brand elements: patterns


Cannabis gummies pouch design green metallic foils
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