Unwrapping Edibles Packaging

Understand the unique requirements for cannabis and hemp infused edibles market +
confidently plan and launch packaging projects, avoiding common pitfalls


edibles business owners and consultants:

Packaging can be complicated. 
But it doesn’t have to be. 

Are you in the cannabis or CBD industry? Struggling to navigate the complex world of packaging regulations? It’s a common pain point for many in the industry – getting it wrong can have devastating consequences.  Mistakes can lead to product recalls, unhappy customers, and even lawsuits. Yikes.

Warnings labels for cannabis and CBD packaging


Avoid edibles packaging fails

For those seeking a higher understanding of cannabis food product packaging, this NEW 2-week email series will allow you to avoid mistakes that can lead to product recalls, unhappy customers, and even lawsuits. Yikes.

It’s 100% free – you’ll become a confident cannabis + hemp product packaging expert in no time. No design skills required.


This course on edibles product packaging regulations 

the solution you’ve been searching for.

Gain confidence

Lack of knowledge in this area can lead to anxiety and stress, hindering your success – not to mention the sleepless nights.

While this is not legal advice, it can help you get a solid foundation of knowledge. 


No jargon or legalese 

Ain’t nobody got time to read every single state’s regulations, the Farm Bill, Poison Prevention Act, FDA food guidance – plus the rules nobody tells you but that are best practices! 

Avoid disasters 

Mistakes can be costly, ranging from minor annoyances like having to reprint thousands of boxes, to a full on recall with fines up to tens of thousands of dollars. Get savvy in the world of edibles packaging, and avoid the headaches!

Not knowing what I needed, or what the thing I needed was called, I wasted so much time endlessly googling for answers… 

– Ash, searching for product packaging


1. You don’t know where to start 

Have you spent time trying to Google for some of this stuff? Not even sure what to even look for? Got lost at government agency websites? Finding some blogs, but not sure if that’s applicable to you? The internet is a treasure, but sometimes there’s TOO MUCH information. 

2. You don’t exactly LOVE reading legal jargon 

Every state is different,  some federal rules apply and some don’t… Here’s the thing: packaging gets complicated real fast, with hundreds of pages of regulations to read, complex packaging jargon to decipher, and not knowing where to even begin to shop for packaging. 

Packaging can be complicated. But it doesn’t have to be.

I’ve read hundreds of pages of legal copy, so you don’t have to. 

3. You’re worried about getting it wrong

The most expensive purchase is the one you end up not being able to use.  How to be sure you’re buying the right thing before placing that order for thousands, maybe even tens of thousands of dollars?   


You don’t have to know design!

This course is NOT a design course, and is useful & applies to anyone working within the cannabis or hemp industries, in any role! 



Cannabis regulations are tedious reading

FREE 2-week email series:



Module 1: make a plan

Get your project started right from the get go. 

What is "food"

Packaging for infused edibles products is a balancing act: they’re somewhere in-between food, supplements, and medication, but also fun vice products?! So which one applies to your product? 

Federal vs State overlap

Learn which federal regulations apply, and which do not – and what state-specific regulations apply, no matter where you manufacture your product! 


Cannabis vs hemp

What is considered cannabis, what is considered hemp, and how that matters depending on which states you plan on operating in 

Totally free, no purchase necessary, cancel any time. 

Module 2: DESIGN + communication 

Remove consumer frustration and confusion 

Design regulations

Mandated font sizes, examples of restrictions for designs in some states, with visual examples 

Information architecture

Building a readable label, how to highlight important parts and visually “hide” the parts that don’t matter  

Versioning and families

How to create an effective family of products, sizing, flavors, and using things like icons and colors 

Totally free, no purchase necessary, cancel any time. 

Module 3: container considerations

Learn how to shop for what your product needs

Child resistant containers

Child-resistant packaging requirements, what it all means and how to choose the right stuff. 

Tamper evidence

What tamper-proof and tamper-evident packaging means, and different methods for achieving it  

Freshness + food science

How to keep your product’s humidity control: keep it from drying, crushing, melting, or going stale  


Totally free, no purchase necessary, cancel any time. 

Module 4: nutrition

How to keep everything on brand and looking amazing

Calories and such

Creating a nutrition panel, if required in your state, plus templates for an FDA-compliant nutrition panel, and how to fit it all on small packages   

Ingredient list

How to properly list and format an ingredient INCI list, with main ingredients and ingredient mixes, plants, and such   

Allergens + lifestyle foods

What are considered allergens, and how to mark up official allergens, vs things like gluten-free,  keto, etc. 

Totally free, no purchase necessary, cancel any time. 

Dosing for cannabis edibles is important<br />


Legally important – and big factor in customer satisfaction


How to list cannabinoids, terpenes, total THC, Delta 8, and how to speak about the kind of cannabinoids you’re using in the product and how they’re processed 

Dosing and how to

Cannabinoids per package vs per portion, suggested dosing, how to consume, how long to wait, nano vs non nano etc. Very important for making people comfortable. 

Test results and COA's

Quick primer on cannabis testing, how test results can be included in a package, and best by / use by dates requirements in variety of states 

Totally free, no purchase necessary, cancel any time. 

Making medical claims for cannabis edibles is not a good idea

Module 6: health claims

Legally important – and big factor in customer satisfaction

Getting in trouble

The FDA takes cannabis and hemp products making health claims very seriously – so what are claims and what can happen if you make them? 

What not to say

Overview of no no words that will absolutely land you into trouble – with examples of what not to say, and what happened to the companies that did. 

What to say instead

Learning the nifty modifiers of what’s acceptable to say, and how to sell feelings and joy instead of making medical claims 

FREE 2-week email series:



We ended up almost bamboozled, almost buying a cheap deal overseas that would have been ruinous for my product safety.

– Anthony, searching for food product packaging

Get Organized

WITH valuable worksheets 

Nutrition panel worksheet

Editable FDA-compliant nutrition panel templates 

Say this, not that FDA claims worksheet

List of avoidable words and what to say instead

Copywriting prompts worksheet

Write effective content for your product package


The course content in a readable ebook format

Bonus module:

The Magic Rolodex

Amazing top-notch directory of contacts and resources. Our carefully curated list includes contacts for industry experts like compliance lawyers, product formulators, moldmakers, best packaging vendors, and game-changing resources to stay on top of your packaging game.

(There might even be a special coupon deal in there)

Further resources for cannabis edibles packaging

A self-paced digital course:


The field guide to confidently labeling and packaging edibles THC and CBD infused products to be retail-ready

What you get: 

Practical know-how

Modules filled with information tailored to the business owner – whether you’re working with a designer or going at it alone, you’ll be armed with the knowledge you need. 

Real world examples

Examples of projects you can learn from. Tools and worksheets to help you plan and work on the perfect project, small or large, all created by an expert who does this work all day every day. 

Self paced

Whether you like to learn 15 minutes at a time, or binge the whole thing – you can go at your own pace. There’s no schedules and no pressure. 


Easy-to-follow and fun video lessons

Lots of images and visual examples 

Valuable worksheets

Readable E-book version of video lessons

Magic Rolodex resources  

Answers to the most common


other course participants have asked

This feels like a lot to learn. Are you sure I can do this?

Absolutely. This course was created for the newbie product business owners and ancillary businesses just stepping into the world of cannabis in mind. The videos are quick and fun, and there are lots of real world examples to make it easy to understand.

Do I need to be a designer to take this course?

Nope! Whether you’ve hired a designer to create your packaging, or if you’re doing it yourself, the content will be useful. It’s not a design course, it’s more about the process and foundational knowledge needed for a successful project.

Will this work for my [insert product here] business?

Totally – this course content is general information, so we won’t cover every single detail of every single type of product, of course. You will find it useful, I promise.

Will this cover [YOUR STATE] laws?

This course content is more general information, applicable to all states and areas. Rules applicable to THC and CBD vary from each state, so we won’t cover every single detail of every single type of regulation, of course. You will find it useful, I promise.

Working on a product where there are worksheets for each state separately. 

What if I need more help?

While the course is self-paced, if you run into technical difficulties with it, please be in touch, of course! And if you feel like you could use another pair of hands with your packaging project, you now know who to call.

Have another question? Suggestion?

I will read every message and respond personally. 

Give this course a go if any of this sounds familiar:

You're worried

You’re spend sleepless nights wondering if you’ve make a mistake with the project, and will have to spend more money you don’t have to fix it 

Your product is awesome

You’re confident in your product but not sure if the packaging is up to snuff.  

You can't find the information you need

You’re tired of searching, only to not understand the legal lingo, and being told by lawyers they can’t help you without a retainer

Taught by an EXPERT 
packaging designer 

Your instructor. Lilli Keinaenen of Changemaker Creative, has been working as a designer for two decades, and has worked with product based brands of various sizes – from mass market and specialty retail, to the home based starter business. More than just a packaging designer, I’m here to help you thrive, and have guided clients through all of these hurdles covered in the course.

I’ve spent my weekends reading hundreds of pages of legal text so you don’t have to.