Case Study: Guildmark

Conscious Cannabis Manufacturers’ Guild

In the olden days, craftsmen would put their stamp on the products they made – as a sign of authenticity, and to proudly tell the world about the love and care that went into making it. 

Consumers have no easy way of knowing which cannabis products are grown using good practices, and how products are made. The Conscious Cannabis Movement aims to change that. 

CLIENT: Conscious Cannabis Manufacturers Guild of California

PROJECT: Branding, guildmark for packaging

Guildmark for packaging

The conscious cannabis logo would be placed on packaging, similar to the Organic logo, or Certified Cruelty Free symbols, and would signal to consumers how this product fulfills strict quality and ethical standards. 


The main organization organizes consumer education, and approves new members. Once members are approved, they are granted the use of the guild’s guildmark (below)

Member insignia
Group logo

Inspiration for the mark: both medieval guild signage, Asian makers marks, as well as the arts and crafts movement of the late 1800s

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