Case Study: Topical line rebrand

Green Bee Botanicals cannabis topicals packaging 

Green Bee Botanicals is a California cannabis-infused line of skincare products. Cannabinoids and organic herbs are brought together for their medicinal properties in scientifically-based formulations. We create effective skin care that also nourishes the senses with a luxurious feel and delicate fragrance from organic essential oils.

The client came to be for the rebrand and relaunch of the product line after California Recreational regulations came into play in 2018-2019.

CLIENT: Green Bee Botanicals

PROJECT: Packaging design, branding, copywriting, compliance consulting, launch strategy, packaging sourcing

LEFT: Original Packaging – prior to the rebrand

RIGHT: Same products after rebrand

Custom Cannabis Packaging

Entire product line, custom ceramic coated bottles, silver foil, and a color scheme for each

Custom child resistant boxes that are gorgeous rigid board, with foil. 

Pattern printed on the inside matches the color of the product line, and thoughtful little touches, like custom plastic free tamper-evident label, instead of a shrink seal wrapper. 

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