Case Study: Kinetik nanobites

Packaging for California cannabis gummies 

CLIENT: KND Infusions, California



Functional + remain in control

You’re not checked out, you’re present, and in the drivers seat of your life. Life can be unpredictable – but your edibles dont have to be. Take control of your trajectory. Your life on your terms. 

Its a vitamin you can feel – instantly

Fast acting performance booster. With scientific precision fast onset, and offset – when you’ve got places to be and things to do, so get with the flow, and gain more out of each and every day. 

Modular + customized, your bespoke dose

Nobody is the same, so get your custom dose, tailor made for each moment, and each person. Take one for errands, two for that stressful meeting, and three for a night out. Find a moment of calm and take care of your body and mind. 



Kinetik nanobites cannabis edibles

Bag designs


Cannabis-infused superfood fruit chews with vitamins and wellness ingredients
logo sketch concept

Utilizing “glitch patterns” inspired by analog oscilloscopes and oldtimey computer graphics of the 1980s, playing off a science vibe and takign the packaging into more of a functional and practical supplement, rather than candy. (Although they are also very delicious!) 

As always, half the package is overtaken with warnings and stickers, but such is life, designing for regulated industries. 

8-bit icon style adds a bit of whimsy, and a monospaced font adds to the medical-inspired feels. 


Cannabis gummies pouch design green metallic foils
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