So, no secret, I code like it’s 1999. Tables and all. So when it was time to build websites for my business, and for clients, I tested a few page builders. Fell in love with a WordPress page builder called DIVI. It’s more than a theme, it’s a visual page builder. Everything is drag & drop, but this ain’t your typical Squarespace site, no no – everything is fully editable, customizable. You can build your own elements and save them into a library of assets, or use the huge library of assets and layouts created by Elegant Themes, the people behind Divi.

I don’t know about you, but I find most of my clients do not:

  • Want to pay 20k+ for a website
  • Spend 6 months to a year creating a fully custom website
  • Get a website where if something needs to change, they’ll need to hire a web developer to custom build it again
  • If the developer ever disappears, finding a new one will be a pain because every developer has their own way of writing code
  • Not be able to create new pages based on existing pages without professional help
  • Pay monthly for plugins
  • Themes and plugins that break or go outdated

This website is built on Divi, in one weekend. It can be so fast to get started, and then easy enough to grow (or redesign) when necessary.

My main business is sustainable packaging design and branding, but most businesses also need a website to showcase said product. Oh, and did I mention that Divi also integrates nicely with Woocommerce, the WordPress e-commerce solution?

Like everyone, Divi is having a black friday sale. They’re tempting me by raffling off a brand new iMac.